Siswazah lulusan NUS sains hayat dedah ‘keberkesanan’ produk Transfer Factor Nadiah M Din

Salam sejahtera, para pembaca setiaku!

Setelah penjelasan Nadiah M Din tentang melewatkan vaksin terhadap anak-anaknya, persoalan tentang produk MLM atau suplemen 4LIFE yang digunanya masih menjadi tanda tanya.

Seorang siswazah lulusan sains hayat di NUS telah memberi penjelasan tentang “Transfer Factor”.


Pendek kata, video Nazry Isa bermaksud, TF tidak mungkin berkesan.

Selain itu, beberapa warganet juga membincang tentang kepentingan vaksin.

Pengguna Twitter Atiqah atau @anakmakchan turut menuliskan bebenang menjelaskan mengapa vaksin itu wajib!

Tapi… bak kata Nadiah M Din, THIS IS MY PLATFORM.

Harap-harap dia akan tonto video ni sebab dia suka research guna video…


Nampaknya Nadiah M Din sedar bahawa video oleh Nazry itu tular. Oleh kerana itu, video ini dimuatnaikkan ke Instagramnya.

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Happy 1st Ramadhan and Blessed Jumaah to all, such a beautiful day today and with this I am happy to share this wonderful video on TRANSFER FACTOR. Please watch till the end:) As you know Iv been consuming TRANSFER FACTOR since i was 15 years old and I am 30 this year. That shows how satisfied I am with TF results. My kids and many kids around the world are also consuming transfer factor and Alhamdullilah I see how well my kids are growing. Here’s a video to know in depth about what TF exactly is so we can learn from a very reliable source:) An interview with Dr Vollmer, Chief Scientific Officer of 4Life Research. Let me attach his credentials here- Dr. Vollmer has enjoyed over 25 years of experience in product innovation, quality control, and laboratory management. His expertise includes technical and administrative leadership, development and validation studies for new products, laboratory and production specifications, and collaborative scientific affairs. He received his PhD in Analytical Chemistry from the University of Nebraska and his Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from Missouri Western State University. Throughout his career, Dr. Vollmer has authored numerous published articles, and is the co-inventor on various patents involving the discovery of pharmaceutical drugs used for treating cancer and inflammation, as well as natural products for use in dietary supplements. Here are the questions that he will answer. 1. How is TF different from other supplements in the market? 2. How safe is TF as a supplement for kids and elderly people? 3. How can TF help us overcome the many health challenges we have today? 4. TF is so good but why have we heard so little about it compared to vitamins, minerals and herbs? 5. There are a lot of studies about TF extracted from blood and also cow colostrum, which is what we have in our TF supplement, are these 2 TF the same? 6. The TF that is injected into human beings, and TF that are consumed orally, are the results the same? 7. Where do you see TF in the next 10 or 20 years? 8. For the benefits of our viewers, what advise would you give them on how to keep their immune system happy? Stay Safe!😊

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Korang sanggup ke tengok? Whatever it is, gasak korang. Yang penting, jangan percaya 100%, tanya pakar ok! bukan rujuk di Internet. Even Nazry’s video. Ask more.

Also Nadiah, kenapa vaksin tak ok tapi suplemen ok? Make that make sense.

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