You know a Malay mother is scolding you when:

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1) She makes reference to having sent you to religious classes when you were young, which is to say that she has done her part in providing you with the best of moral instruction. Your descent into degeneracy, hence, is entirely of your own doing. “I sent you to read Arabic when you were young, but when you grow up you become worse than the devil.”

2) She alludes to her own death, along the lines of: “Now when I’m still around, this is how you treat me. When I’m gone, it’ll be too late for regrets.” This, however, as testimony to the Malay mother’s verbal agility, can take on the form of sarcasm instead of self-pity. Responding to your request for breakfast, she snaps: “Later, when I’m dead, you go and dig up my grave, wake me up, and ask me to prepare your meals.”

3) She invokes karma:…

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